Webinar – Radical “Municipalism”: Resistance and Systemic Change from the Ground Up

When: February 20th, 2018, at 9am PT | 12pm ET | 6pm CET

In a world squeezed between increasing inequalities, right-wing authoritarianism and war a reinvigorated translocal cities-based movement sometimes referred to as “municipalism” offers powerful tools for building both resistance – and systemic alternatives from the ground up.

Who and what are these progressive forces growing in urban and regional environments from Rojava, Kurdistan to Hong Kong, from Richmond, California and Jackson, Mississippi to so many cities in Europe – Barcelona, Naples, Messina, Grenoble, Zagreb, Belgrade… and beyond?

Where do they come from? How are they changing the nature of relationships between social movements and public institutions? What political programs are helping them gain electoral power, and how are they implementing progressive policies in the face of entrenched corporate and other vested interests?

In the face of those interests and other structural impediments, how do they open and maintain spaces for citizen engagement? What other challenges do they face and how are they working to overcome them?

Taking up these questions will allow us to better understand this new age of political strategies and culture, in which a growing number of grassroots post-capitalist movements seek to transition from the streets to the town halls, organizing around true commitments to internationalism, feminization of politics, anti-racism, a commons oriented economy – and radical pragmatism.

We will also explore philanthropy’s role and hear examples of how foundations are supporting these “municipalist” movements, including through an emerging group of funders engaging with the Fearless Cities translocal network that emerged in June 2017, inspired by Barcelona en Comu.

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