Just Transition Collaborative webinar: Progressive Philanthropy Needs to Spur System Change

January 30th, 2018
9am PT | 12pm ET | 6pm CET

Over a year ago in Commons Transition, David Bollier argued that to address fundamental root causes of the global crises facing humanity, philanthropy must be reorganized to support resistance struggles today while also working “to spur system change.” Bollier is obviously not alone in making this argument – an increasing number of individuals, institutions and networks within philanthropy are engaging with and learning from civil society perspectives and strategies, deepening our collective understanding and creating mechanisms for moving more resources to communities and movements creating systemic change.

Still, our sector as a whole has not yet supported such efforts with the clarity, scale or commitment level needed. Much remains to be done within philanthropy to contribute to the enormous shifts required.

Join us on January 30th for 75 min webinar to discuss frameworks for understanding systemic alternatives approaches around the world, and ways colleagues in philanthropy are incorporating these concepts and understanding into their daily work.

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