Webinar: Divest:Invest Philanthropy – a way towards ending fossil fuels?

Wed, Jul 1, 2015 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Increasing numbers of foundations, family offices and prominent wealthy individuals around the world are making the commitment to divest from fossil fuels and invest instead in climate solutions, including renewable energy, clean technology, energy efficiency and energy access for the world’s poor. (This recent article about Prince Charles’s investments references several EFN members who have committed to Divest:Invest.) These are foundations with a huge variety of remits, from better governance to poverty alleviation to environmental protection. Together they are committing to lead the shift towards a new climate economy. Join this webinar for a discussion of the following questions:

•    On what financial and ethical grounds are foundations making the commitment to Divest:Invest?
•    What are the barriers they’ve faced?
•    What is the point of making the commitment public?
•    What does the commitment entail?
•    What are the alternatives to making the commitment?

♣    Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund
♣    Mark Campanale, Founder, Carbon Tracker Initiative, and
♣    Michael Northrop, Program Director, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

This funders-only webinar is co-sponsored by the International Policies and Politics Initiative (IPPI), the EFC European Environmental Funders Group (EEFG), the Climate and Energy Funders Group/CGBD, the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA), the EDGE Funders Alliance and EFN. Register here to attend.

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