Just Transition: #EDGEtalk webinar series on systemic change and the role of philanthropy

omnia sunt communia

Omnia sunt communia: ‘all things are held in common’ – Communia San Lorenzo, Rome – painting from HOGRE

“I was around in the fields of Runnymede when King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest guaranteeing peasants the right to access the resources of the royal forests.

I was acting unknown in many indigenous or vernacular traditions
of self-governed communities.

I’ve been campaigning with the young heroes of Internet freedom to fight against abusive property rights, leading them to forge the legal instruments to protect knowledge sharing.

I’ve crossed the centuries empowering people and communities, confronting both market enclosures and power hierarchies!

Hope you guess my name and the nature of my frame…

I am the Commons, and I provide a global alternative paradigm to neoliberal capitalism and State.So have some courtesy, have some sympathy and come and meet me at this #EDGEtalk webinar.”

This first #EDGEtalk of our new Just Transition webinar series is an introduction to the Commons, its movements in Europe and beyond, and how funders can further engage in this field. It will be followed by additional sessions in a roughly bimonthly rhythm.

The #EDGEtalk webinars are conversation spaces for funders, with movements on systemic change and the Just Transition. We particularly invite funders and philanthropic actors, EDGE members and beyond, to join in and to share this information in their philanthropic networks.

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