Matthias Fiedler is Managing Director of Bewegungsstiftung in Germany, which supports the work of social movements, providing grants and advice to help them fulfill their potential. With the understanding that social and political change needs a lot of time, persistence and great commitment, the foundation supports campaigns on regional, national or international issues with clear strategies towards long-term impact. As one of the initiators of the EDGE network in Europe, Matthias believes an alliance organized around affinity rather than issue-specific themes is a necessary space for learning and collaboration among progressive funders.

Nicolas Krausz is programme officer at Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation Pour Le Progrès de l’Homme (FPH), responsible for Rio+20 follow-up activities and FPH programs on “Ethics and responsibility” and “Inter-religious Dialog.” After having studied philosophy, Nicolas worked in publishing, and then for 5 years in the French political sphere, mainly at the National Assembly (Congress) in Paris. Following this Nicolas was director of an international NGO, the World Mountain People Association (WMPA). In 2007 he became a parliamentary assistant for a member of parliament based in Castres in south-western France.

Amanda Gigler is director of philanthropic partnerships and communications with Mama Cash, in Amsterdam. Amanda has been mobilizing resources with women’s funds since 2002 in Latin America, the US and Europe.

Donal Mac Fhearraigh is Program Officer with the Open Society Initiative for Europe,  in charge of two portfolios, Effective Activism and State and Regulatory Capture. Based in Barcelona, OSIFE aims to narrow the gulf between the promise of Europe as the prototype for an open society and reality. In addition to engaging and supporting bottom-up initiatives that can reconnect critical constituencies to the European project, the Initiative supports high-level debates about the institutional and political developments that threaten the viability of the EU as a democratic polity.

Philippe Mayol is director of the Africa Program for CCFD-Terre Solidaire, and leading efforts to launch the Terre Solidaire Foundation. He is based in Paris.

Eva Rehse is the Director of Global Greengrants Fund / UK & Europe, based in London. With a background in human rights, civil society development and social action, Eva brings over a decade of experience in project management and resource mobilisation. Most recently Eva worked for Amnesty International in its global headquarters as International Projects Advisor.

Vivian Paulissen is the Knowledge Manager of the European Cultural Foundation. She is in charge of the Doc Next Network and Connected Actions for the Commons portfolios. She is based in Amsterdam.

EDGE staff members Tobias Troll and Mark Randazzo Director EDGE Funders Alliance also sit on the Steering Group in supportive roles.

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