Another Iraq is Possible – Iraqi Social Forum starts in Baghdad

14409633_1145087415538173_1062706075777752622_oFrom 22.-24. September 2016, the 3rd Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) will be held in Baghdad, Iraq. Under the banner of “Rights and Peace” and “Another Iraq is Possible!,” the forum places focus on creating alternatives and hope in Iraq, spreading the values of co-existence, peace, and nonviolence, and supporting the already nonviolent efforts in Iraq for social, cultural and political rights. The forum will consist of self-organized workshops and events from Iraqi civil society, the Baghdad Marathon, and a number of cultural and artistic events.

The ISF is a joint project of Iraqi social movements, trade unions, women and youth organization, civil society organizations, and activists in Iraq who are fighting forhuman rights, peace and social justice, and against neo-liberal politics and militarism. It is the biggest Social forum in the middle east, and is part of the World Social Forum movement that was launched back in 2001. More than 3000 people participated in the last ISF in 2015, with over 200 different activities. The 2016 forum also expects participation from Iraqi activists from across the country, as well as an international delegation.

The Karibu Foundation (Oslo, Norway) has been supporting the ISF process since its start, as well as their international solidarity network the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) since 2008. We see this effort of Iraqi and international activists as a critical initiative for democratic dialogue, idea and expertise exchange, breaking silos of ideologies and issues, and a space to build alternatives in an otherwise extremely challenging environment. The ISF and the ICSSI also represent part of the global movement for a world that combines human solidarity, responsibility towards local communities, respect for individual and collective rights, social and economic justice, and a profound awareness of our collective responsibility for coming generations and their living conditions.

To follow live video feeds from the Baghdad Forum, as well as the work of the ISF at large, visit:

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