EDGE Announces New Board Co-Chairs

Terry Odendahl, Global Greengrants Fund

Terry Odendahl picTerry is the executive director and CEO of Global Greengrants Fund, the leading environmental fund supporting grassroots action on a global scale. Global Greengrants gives high-impact grants to local leaders and communities to protect the natural world, restore places and ways of life that have been harmed, and transform systems for a sustainable future. In its 20 years, the organization has
awarded more than 8,400 grants worth $43 million in 140 countries.

Known for her forthright style, Terry trained as an anthropologist. She is commonly overheard saying, “Local people know best how to address the environmental issues affecting their own lives.” In fact, she has spent more than 30 years working to bridge the gap between our natural and human worlds. Terry is leading Global Greengrants’ to expand its support for women-led solutions to environmental issues. In August 2014, the organization co-hosted the Summit on Women & Climate.

Prior to joining Global Greengrants in 2009, Terry helmed the National Network of Grantmakers for over a decade, and later the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers. She also worked to protect public lands in the western United States, as a program officer at the Wyss Foundation. 

She has held faculty positions at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute; the University of California, San Diego; and Yale University.  Terry’s background in anthropology and philanthropy is complemented by her expertise in women’s studies. She is co-author or editor four books: Charity Begins at Home: Generosity and Self-Interest Among the Philanthropic Elite; America’s Wealthy and the Future of Foundations; Women and Power in the Nonprofit Sector; and Career Patterns in Philanthropy, as well as numerous articles on a variety of topics.  Terry is co-founder of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in Washington, DC and the Institute for Collaborative Change in New Mexico.

Most recently, Terry’s travels have taken her to India, Mexico, Indonesia, Bosnia, England, Nigeria, Kenya, and around the United States. When she’s not traveling the world, Terry enjoys spending time with her two adult daughters and gardening at her home in Boulder, Colorado.

Nicolas Krausz, Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation 
Nicolas Krausz is Program Officer with the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation (a grant-making organisation) in Lausanne (Switzerland) since 2011. He is in charge of a set of programs dealing with the “ecological and socially just Transition towards the next economy”, the Commons as paradigm shift, the China-Europa Forum, the global governance. After having studied philosophy in Paris-Sorbonne, he worked in publishing, in particular on books dealing with inter-religious dialogue. He then worked for 5 years in the French political sphere, mainly at the National Assembly (Congress) in Paris. Then he has been for 3 years director of an international NGO, the World Mountain People Association (WMPA). Between 2007 and 2011, he worked as a parliamentary advisor for a MP based in south-western France. He is also co-author of La Ville qui mange (Eating City), an essay on the urban food supply chain governance published in 2013 by the Charles Leopold Mayer Publishing House. He is member of the Board of EDGE since 2013.

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